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Ben Realtor is a licensed Realtor with ABC Realty

Ben has over 14 years of experience in real estate sales in the Torrance area.  He's taken the time to offer a 2017 seller guide with proven tips to help you sell for more.

Proven Steps To Help You Sell

I'm passionate about home sales.


If your first time seller or a repeat home seller, I think you'll find my 2017 guide to be helpful and informative.

The tips you'll see inside the guide have helped many sellers streamline the home selling process and helped them sell in a timely manner.

I'm available to answer any questions about the seller guide or any real estate matter.

Barry Realtor
ABC Realty, Torrance, CA


A few words from my clients...

Testimonial 1

John Parker

Home Buyer 2016

"He's awesome. Really, really, really, really, awesome. Smart.  and awesome. He really know his real estate stuff.

Test 2

Perry Smith

Home Buyer 2016

"Many clients think he's great looking. You can just ask him. He'll tell you that's what they all say about him"


Test 3

James Bond

Home Buyer 2015

"He also very modest but thats saying too much, isn't it? Bottom line is he helped us sell our home fast...


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